Friday, January 18, 2013

SEO bring your site TOP 1 GOOGLE SEARCH

Use AutoBacklink:

1/ Use ViralHit:
Go to
Type your website into : “Website URL” then click “Get Backlink”

2/ Use UrlOpener:
Urlopener is a basic site help you have link click basic don't have code html. Paste all link copy then click “Submit”. site:

3/ Use Free Backlinks:
Type your url then click Star backlink.

4/ Use link at the end of post:
If you have a famous blog, this is a good way to have backlink.

5/ Introduce your url and site in famous social : FB, twitter, tumblr, blog, website....

Thursday, January 17, 2013


This is last gift and last step i gave to you. Hope you have a great time to earn money with Google Adsense, but stay clear, do not cheat, okay.

Always remember and read carefully Google TOS, if you don't cheat, don't make mistake, you will never be banned.

If you make a google partner, you earning could be like this in 3 months, ( ummm me still far...)

Okay, this is my Tips for you, LAST STEP :

you can do it when you are waiting for the last step to approve your google adsense account.

my advance is... [ you need to do this ] ...

1/  you must to be sure Your ads is ON 

( if not, google can't review your site )

2/ you must to keep yout site have at least 100 visit at day.

3/ you must to update some pictures and clip or text while Google review your site.

4/ Important things : don't show your site public.

5/ Be a good people, and don't cheat Google. just do it as you can, more income will coming.

If I have some things to share, im sure that i will share with you guys. See ya.

APPROVAL GOOGLE ADSENSE : second step to approve

In 2 years ago, this is an email Google Approve your GA account :

But now, After you sign up for Google Adsense account you will receive an Email Welcome to Google Adsense or Sorry for.... (:

As I told you, your site should be write by English only, other language... i'm not sure about this.

Almost English site will pass first step and got a Welcome email, but second step is Review your site by person. It's hard to pass.

You lost 4 hours to get Welcome Email.

If you have Welcome Email, log into your site, put the buttons ADs ---> ON.  But Adsense still blank, don't worry, just wait 2 days.

You must to wait for 2-3 days to approve your Google Adsense acount.

There is no second email, you need to check in your Adsense acount ( by Gmail accout at : ) everyday.

Your account don't have under review status anymore ? It's mean you had a Google Adsense acount rite now. Your account is approval. Congratulation.

This is the way your get it.

I said that you must to prepare your site carefully before you sign up a Google Adsense account.

Last STEP i will tell you some TIPs to pass second step, help you approval easily if you are not sure about this.


This is your finish Google Adsense account :


1/ log into your Gmail

go to : site google template.

2/ Choose Manage Site--> sign up for adsense

or :

3/ Choose your address:

You can choose like this :

Example :  

City/town : new jersey
Province : ...

It's easy, so i can pass this step quickly.


You need to buy a domain before you doing this step.

1/ Log in to your account

example : godaddy

--> choose my account.

2/ Choose LAUNCH 

3/ Choose your domain name :

4/ Choose Manage :

5/  choose FORWARD ONLY . and paste your link site template or blogspot to this box --> okay.

6/ You can see DNS Manager :

choose LAUNCH.


+ A ( Host ) : choose QUICK ADD 

(host)  ----- (points to)
 @      ( don't copy, add your IP, this is just my exp )

+ CNAME ( Alias ) : QUICK ADD

( host ) ----( points to )
  sites ------
www  -----

+ MX : quick add

( host ) ----( points to )
 www  -----

---> DONE

You must to wait about 2 hours to transfer your domain to next step VERIFY YOUR DOMAIN TO  A GOOGLE SITE.

Good luck, and please your comment if you need my help.


After you have a site template on step 4.

Next thing you need to do is register a domain name :

I choose godaddy with a coupon : price 1,17$ inclue tax for a 0,99$ domain sale. 
( buy 2 years if you can --> 2,34 $ ) 

You must to buy a domain !  Listen. You must to buy a domain. 

Go to godaddy and buy a domain, you can choose : ilovegooglemoney, blah blah blah, but this is the first time appear, so many domain be banned by Google, you need to buy a unique domain to continue.

Okay, if you have a domain rite now, go on. 

if you don't know how to buy a domain or need a coupon, next time i will tell you, i promise, okay.

so many people don't know how to add a domain to a google site, they just keep searching and searching and still don't know how to do, a lot of website don't tell them and just want people go to visit their website and that's it. 

This is all you need, just one step to add a domain to a google site, for site template and blogspot to : 

Okay, now how to verify a domain.

1/ log in to your Gmail account

2/ Visit this link :

3/ Choose Add a site and type in this box :

4/  look at this :

Now, you are finished. !!!

Have fun. :)

STEP 4 : Get a Google Adsense by Site Template Google

Let's do it .

1/ Log in your Gmail accout --> go to :

2/ Choose Create :

Okay, read carefully and pay attention please.

Type at name your site :  whatever you want to build this site, choose a  good content.

Select a template to use :  you need to choose " Browse the gallery for more " , a lot option and it seems " difficult " and easy to move on, don't choose template too easy and look like amateur.

You can type : crazy, car, football, ..v...v... don't choose everything almost person choose, remember it.

3/ Now you have a site template. 

How to build it ?

Okay, continue !

Okay, as you see, this is my example template ( don't replace anyone, make you unique ! )

Choose Edit page ( as picture lol...)

Now, you can change " HOME "  : put tittle as you want to do

Choose this picture and choose X , after  INSERT : choose orther picture that fits your content.

The same for next box below, you can type what ever you like. Choose font color, make it colorful....

and SAVE. 

Now this is you reward :

You choose next column and do as the same. 

Now you can have a site template, next step : register a Google Adsense Acount .

*** Notes :  Make your template beautiful and be unique, remember colorful is really good idea. 

You must to write by yourself, don't copy and paste. Google always know everything. Don't cheat !!!

As the template i choose, you can see : 1,2,3....8  

8 column, the last is site map.  That's mean you should write al least 8 topic. 

TIPS : this is special thing for you, i will help you with all my knowledge.

- 2 last column must be : privacy, and contact info.  Why ? Google like this.

- every topic need text, pictures, and clips ( it helps if you need to add ).

Okay, let's go to next step. You close enough, congratulation !